TSD Day 017-018: 上有天堂, 下游苏杭!

Now time to back date my blog! Was away during the weekend for a company
retreat at HangZhou!
Took a couple of hours to travel to HangZhou. Had a pit stop at this place called 长安. I
wonder if all pitstops are called this name. It’s really not a fetish, but the toilet there is
AWESOME! first time I see bamboos at the urinal. The best part? I see people emptying
their bladder to fertilise the bamboo as its covered with a fountain of ahem… man-made
After the pit stop and travelling for a while more, we finally reach the place for lunch!
Lunch is at a hotel restaurant in 杭州 called: 花中城大酒店!Once there, we listened to the
speeches by the different department heads and of course a speech by Boss. hehe. I think
I am kind of settling into the good food in Shanghai… haha!
Finally travelled a little bit more to the resort that we are suppose to go! Woah! that place
is fantastic! The shower facilities is superb and there are many facitlites that we can utilise!
The only short comming is that we are leaving for another attraction! Its swap area that
we are going! But I am going to checkout the place tonight! hehe!
We went to a swap. Good stuff! We were brought to 西溪之地。The swamp area. we
explored the swamp on a boat. pretty cool place. If I am not wrong, HangZhou is the place
where silk first discovered. The most amazing part is that throughout the entire hot afternoon
in the swamp. I have not seen or been bitten by a single mosquito! Also saw interesting stuff
like groups of wild ducks swimming in the swamp, fisherman at the swamp. I really wonder
if there are any crocodiles. Hmm…
When the tiring afternoon is over. we are all famished! Ready to really enjoy the dinner thats
coming! hehe! We went to another hotel restaurant. It’s called 宝胜厅! The place has a pretty
good ambiance! Had dinner with randomly picked members of the organisation and we watched
performances by the different departments and medical/dental facilities. Even I have gone up
for the group performance by my department. We sang 明天会更好!I would really love to think
By the time we went back to the hotel room, I am a little shang and tired. Wanted to go to 西湖
to have some tea and chat with my fellow colleagues. But I guessed I came out too late and we
missed them. Nevermind. Still went with Dr. Fred and gang to the games room! hehe! not bad!
Learnt a new game called 沙湖球! Its interesting! sliding stuff on the board filled with bits of sand! Also
played Billard. super difficult… I prefer pool. haha. WEnt back to our room after that. HAojie and I
chatted for awhile before we watched Initial D in our room. The TV there is demand TV, where we
can choose our programs anytime we want. Cool. Slept at 3+am.
Second Day!
 Woke up at 645am and went for breakfast! I like the international Breakfast! good stuff! hehe!
Set off for 千岛湖!Its called a thousand island Lake. The place used to be a series of mountains.
But the rain water from HuangShan is being trapped here and the mountains are being submerged,
forming many little islands. Altogether, there are 1078 islands (that are being qualified as islands).
Hence the name Qian Dao Hu. Which means Thousand Lake. The place is cool!
It is an extremely inaccessible place. So I am glad we went there! hehe! Checked out the 梅峰 which
is recommended by the travel book that I bought (自助游)! That place is a peak on one of the islands
and we took a ferry there! Also had lunch on the ferry!.
This Mei Feng is the place to visit when you go there! It is said that ther view there is even more manificent
than the view from helicopters. I personally find the view of the entire Qian Dao Hu mesmerising. I can
see range and range of mountains (they say its Huang Shan or part of it). Super good view!
Althought we only visited this one place today, its extremely rewarding as it is very inaccessible. By the
time we set to go back at around 3, we needed nearly 5 hours to get back! reached office (the drop off
point) at about 830. Had dinner with Haojie and a nearby eatery and went home. Shagged. But Happy!

TSD Day016 – 幸福? (其实我姓黄)

为什么而辛苦? 为什么而辛苦? 我自己纪录.
用自己的双手想实现理想, 是不是妄想?
我还不清楚怎样的速度, 才能追上人生变化的脚步.
不过我会坚持每一步该走的方向, 哪怕
有时候难免的沮丧. 因为生活是自己的选择, 我希望
有一天, 我能实现理想, 再也不是妄想.
ITs now 4+ am in the morning. Still listening "Dying in the sun" by cranberries.
(I recommend people to listen to it too. Its very tranquil and gives me better
thoughts and reflections. especially to the relationship that just ended.)
Once again. reflecting on my thoughts, my actions, my rash actions. I should
learn to strike a balance between deep thought and rash actions. Guess I shall
take a nap and think where to go tomorrow. Change of plans. Shit happens.
The good thing? I have 3 days to recover before I fight back in office! (or in
Luwan, our biggest facility in China) No matter how sad I am, how lousy I feel
now, I am going to be ok! (At least from 830-6 during working days.) 
Never showing my weakness, never cry.
Woke up. about 842AM now. A feeling of sadness whelmed up from within me.
How could I let things get to me so bad? How did I let it get to me? Doesn’t
matter anymore. Dore said I don’t show any signs of regret and sadness. I
think that’s a strength. But maybe not for a relationship. Not for this one at
least. I know what is wrong. what are wrong rather. but its beyond salvation.
Let’s be strong.
BRUNCH! + Travel Bag Recce!
Damon and I went to check out a place selling sports and travel bags! hehe!
Its called Decathlon! 迪卡浓! Before that , we went to a place for brunch. Did not
have breakfast. So now looking for FOOD!
Basically, we searched by budget. and most satisfy out budget. Pretty value for
money actually. This place is called 又一处!MAn! the interior is beautiful! and I ordered
my standard 盖浇饭!I forgot what toping was it. some veggie and meat, an egg and soup.
Tea comes together as well. all for just 10RMB! haha! The surving is HUGE! haha!
Decathlon is a great place! hell alot of goods! shall be there again on 8th of august as that
is their sale period! hehe! abit Auntie I know… but well… 识时务者为俊杰!Need to save up
and travel China! hehe!
On my way home, I drop by the local bookstore and bought a travel book that Haojie recomended.
Its called 自助游! But wth… there are soo many books with that tittle. finally found one i like (with
colour and of the latest edition) and went home.
Set up my SSH and SoCVPN to do remote access of files to provide some music on my space. hehe.
Sometimes, I am just so glad I am an SoC student. The technical knowlegde gives you the geek-vantage!
I just realised I that i would not have made it to NOC if they have this requirement: Ironing. I cant iron
for nuts! I spent almost 2 hours to iron 4 shirts and 2 pants. man… I need guidance! Cant even catch a
nap before going to meet Uncle Boh for dinner at raffles city. Plus its raining so heavily outside. Glad Weileen
and I took the clothes in. Now to get ready for the dinner!
The dinner at 上海人家is not bad! hehe! Met Uncle Boh there! hehe! He is a very nice man with his own
thoughts and opinions, not easily manipulated by propaganda. Discuss everything under the sun! from
politics, to school system, to the different cultures and I learn a couple of shanghainese from Uncle Boh’s
We had lotsa good stuff! from cold plates to lobsters, crabs with 年糕, and even bull frogs! whew…. its
real good stuff. Thanks Uncle Boh! I hope our token of appreciation of wine is good enough for you. =)
After dinner, the way back is really -_-…. wanted to take cab. But everone is literally vying with you!
So in the end we still took the metro back home. We passed by Raffles City. and woah! Look at what
happens after the rain! haha. Ok, gona sleep soon. need to wake up early for HangZhou! yeah!

TSD Day015 – Reflections

Last night, I saw Gary talking to his family. So heart warming.
Makes me feel like calling mum and dad. I guess they are asleep
by then. I miss the people that I used to talk to as well. This makes
me think back about my actions, the thoughts behind my actions and
the possible consequences.
I guess for success, if compromises cannot be reached, sacrifices
have to be made. Scarifices like risk losing the people you love, the
friends you used to be so close to back home and (good) life you use
to lead.
So I tell myself one thing: For the more that I sacrificed, I have a greater
urge that tells myself: I must make this one year wothwhile. I will and I
am doing it now.
Wow! Today have decided to treat myself a little better following my instant 
noodle dinner the day before! Had 火腿三文治 for breakfast! I think its a real
good breakfast, with ham, egg, and some veggie. pretty much build towards a
balanced diet. Had the sandwich after the daily meeting at 830am.
That Action, The Consequences
Remember the email I sent to boss? hehe. Got linked to the relevant people in
charge. I hope to be able to play a bigger role. even though I enjoy the honey
moon period now, I must always improve and add on to my skill set. Had a super
long reply from the relevant person. Took one whole morning to dig up information
and to give another set of questions based on the reply. I hope to dwell deeper into
the thoughts, not the kind that can be satisfied with superficial answers (unless if I am
unineterested in the first place.)
Lunch is great! I order "Xing Qi Yi" again. I think they should start paying me for
advertisement! I tried their 鱼香肉丝便当。Very nice! hehe! But I still like the 鸡腿饭
best! hehe! HAd lunch with the fellow interns! Vivian, Vivian and Sherly. Took a picture
of them too. Finally found other interns! Denise treated me (and some from the department)
ice cream! hehe! wow! Thanks!
After Lunch
Learnt more about Project2007 (Another microsoft product). Actually its pretty good and
simple to use. haha! After that its more helping the Cynthia with powerpoint and taking
pictures. haha. Nothing much really at the later part of the day. But I think learning
Project 2007 is a good skill to have… At least Boss wants me to know. I think every step
is preparing me to be his able assistant. =)
Other than that, I did something for Dore too. (I don’t know why). But I guess. I just did
it. I am not sure if she would get to see it. haha. Maybe I am doing it coz I am used to it?
Haha.. I don’t know. Whatever it is, i have done it. (strecthed till after dinner at home).
Went back to Cloud Nine Area! haha! Met with Gary and Alex… (We are the fellowship! hehe!)
we had food at our standard cheapo noodle stall 4.5 rmb.. my 葱油版面 with an egg! hehe.
Not bad. Went back home to watch 300. ok lah… not bad.
After that I stayed up till 2 to have a talk with Dore. I hope things can be sorted out. It’s not
what’s better for me… it’s what’s better for us… (At least thats what I think). Well tough luck.
Life is not a bed of roses.  We talked till 4:12am. Heard a lot of things that she was unhappy
with about the relationship. I learnt quite a bit. I hope I can take in these advice and try to
improve as much as possible with the faults and improve on anything that I think I did right.
I guess that should be it. I guess I will wrap up my feelings for now. True Love can wait. But
you know what? Shit happens…

TSD Day014 – Point of Inflexion

Woke up at 7 at an instant upon hearing my alarm on my N6280.
Went striaght to brush my teeth and then to bathe! Rushed out of 
the house at about 735AM. The bus is not here yet. and there is this
replacement bus that says 《代96号》 that’s it! That’s the bus I will have
to take today.
Shock! usually, in the bus, we can hear an automated announcement on
the stop that the bus is at (I think this one SG doesn’t have). So passengers
just draw the curtains to block out the sun to listen to the announcements.
But this time, since its a replacement bus, we the announcement of routes
is based on service no.18. (Hehe… so they actually hard coded the information
into the buses!) So we had to keep a lookout via the windows! Luckily I am
already familiar with my stop. so it’s ok! (^_^)
At work
Fierce! Being involved in a meeting today with Boss and some top people on
the IT revamping following the M&A. Was told to be attached to the guy taking
the lead on the IT integration. That means I will get relocated to the biggest
facility of the entire group in China. There, I will be able to learn the different
processes that are taking place and I think it would be a value adding experience!
I hope my prior experiences at ISS and NICA would help. But all this is not confirmed,
pending Boss’ decision tomorrow when he sort things out (in his mind) as there are
really a hell lot of things going on within the company. I think this M&A experience is
super duper cool. Shall learn as much as I can from the opportunity! Maybe its the
action I took 2 days ago that made Boss allow me to move out and not just be part of
an intermediate process. I want to be where the sales is taking place, to understand the
business, and eventually be able to be at the top. because I know the bottom.
Me and Dore are at a cooling off period. But I think the action was really necessary. If
I am really interested to have a better future for either/both of us. I think we have to
nip the problems in the bud. At least I try to. So I guess if we are unable to come to a
consensus, there is really no point dragging.
It’s not easy to beat the feeling w/o someone that is important to you. But I guess I 
have to go on. I hope I can keep myself occupied enough. Nevermind me. I am
thinking too much.
Dinner- A trip to Nanjing?
took the subway home. Cornnie showed me the way to take the metro. I think I may
be going to Nanjing next weekend! She jio-ed. Must thank this big sister of mine! hehe!
else won’t be able to get it at a superbly low price! hehe! I heard that its the LOBSTER
season! hehe! Gona try the food!
Back to the dinner for today… Instatn noodles… haha… ate at home. 3RMB. Well.
Sometimes you just have no mood to eat out or do anything. This is the time.

TSD Day013 – That fateful day

Hmmm day 13… seems to be a pretty unlucky number.
But does it really matter? Its all in the mind! haha!
In the morning!
Woke up at 7am today without snoozing! hehe! Went to
bathe and flew out of the house before 745am so that
I can be in time for the daily meeting. Got to the office
like at 820! super early! But was really disappointed that
and felt the meeting was below par. I felt I don’t understand
what is going on in the different branches.
I have an urge to really go to the different branches and stay
there for like at least a few days each so as to better understand
each’s workflow and dynamics. Oh yeah… I forgot. I haven had
breakfast. Only a vitamin C pill that my mum got for me for my
trip here.
LUNCH and beyond.
Hmm had honey roasted chicken chop with rice for lunch. not
very nice. I still prefer "Xing qi yi". Think I’ll eat there tomorrow. hehe.
Gona help Mark with the Perfoma thingy he asked me to. I don’t
really know what it is. but I guess I can learn something from it.
He’s the COO afterall rite. hehe gona read straits times interactive
for during lunchtime. time to get updated on the news!
Helping mark to do the Financial Proforma! Thats the right spelling!
Well I think I will continue with it tomorrow.
That moment…
REally pissed… I am exteremely angry with dore. Never before so pissed.
I think we really need to think about the relationship.
There are alot of things she did that made me wonder why am I still doing this?
But I thought. In a realtionship, its not about loving the perfect person, its about
being able to cope the obstacles and each others’ short comming that makes the
relationship perfect.
She was not, despite countless times and ways to salvage the relationship, at all
wanting to improve or compromise for each others’ short coming. I have to say that
these are all my own views. she may see me as an ass.
I thought being a long distance, the last thing we need was more negativity into the
relationship. well. she gave me that surprise less than 48 hours I just left the her
at the airport. Countless arguments over the details pursue, tying me down real bad.
Being in NOC, I guess I really needed the freedom. I have said it before and I will say
it again to remind myself. I am deteremined to succeed. nothing will stop me. I really
dislike the feeling of having to convince her time and again that I am true to her and
would love to see her as much.
She is just the kind that needs the company, that I cant give now. I am tired to keep
maintaining and her always correcting on my whatever (perceived) faults that I have.
I really feel that this negativity will bog me down. Today, her attitude was the
intolerable. I have decided to take the initiative. For all that I have did, I think she
really made me feel its not worth it.
I think we’d be better off alone (or with someone else that has time).
Going for dinner.. feeling alone. The walk to the bus stop seems extra far, alot of things
are going on in my mind. A lot of flashbacks, future plans distrupted. With one of my pillar
of strength gone, I think I can only fall back on my family and my friends. These thoughts
are still running in my mind, about the past, our past, whats here and now, and a future that
I am not so certain. In terms of romance at least.
When I reached Gary and gang at Cloud Nine, I tried to not think about me and her for a
moment. and concentrated on the dinner. I think i can be strong. Better to end it now than
to drag it for another half a year and drain us out before we finally put a stop. I think she
can’t wait anyway. Judging from the negativity (that I feel is no longer worth tolerating).
Dinner is good. In a darn affordable restaurant! each person is like only 8 bucks. Had about
6 dishes and the best part: free flow of rice! haha!  Bought a box of 王老吉!
Chat with Dore.
She said some stuff I said on top are not true. I just have to highlight this as what I say
may be inclined to my side (even though I feel I am reletively neutral). We talked for quite
a while (32mins 59 secs) it was only then that I begin to wonder… Why are you begining
to feel positive only during the last moments?

TSD Day012 – 全世界都开始说中国话

 全世界都开始说中国话, 孔子和孙子也已国际化!
Armed with just determination to succeed, 5 hours of sleep and
a 4rmb chicken sandwich, I made my way to office The start of 
another challenging week ahead! With a recharged mind and body,
I am ready to take on any new challenge to come!
As I was on my way towards the busstop. The reality slowly set in.
The fact that I slep a little later because NEeng Giin and I talked a
little before I go to bed. Slowly finding it hard to keep my eyes open.
And really squeezing on the bus. The only consoling thing? MY cool
stuff: My new bag and the MP3. hehe…
In office, I begin operation MEDBOT, a concept that I have been thinking
since my third day of work to help bring in sales for the company. After
3 days of observation (I know its not enough). I have decided to go ahead
with the operation and started to create a survey and check out with my
colleagues especially Mike on the feasibility of MEDBOT.
This is one thing really corny! I had lunch on a Monday at a restaurant called
星期一! The food is really good! With generous servings of vegetables and
a decent amount of meat and rice. With soup too! Today I got a fish fillet
rice set with Tomato soup! Great way to start the week! So glad I made my way
there! Satisfying to take pictures there! Comapred to calling for it to be
delivered here. After that I went with Cornnie to 乐购 to get some stuff.
I wanted to get 王老吉which is the equivalent of 佳佳凉茶. Arrgghhh! Cant
find it there again! Nevermind. This I am sure I can get it at Carrefour! hehe! 
After Lunch – The biggest step in my entire Internship!
This one action done by this one man (That’s yours truly: me!)  would be a
point of no return. I have decided to send an email to the Boss! about how
I feel and what are the things that I think we should do for the comapny.
Its more of a suggestive and asking for opinions and guidance kind of
mail. Not any hate mail (On the contrary, I LOVE parkway! hehe). I feel
this act of sending would have open a floodgate and I would be super
tied up from then on. But I guess that’s what my one year here is suppose to
be. I don’t want it to pass just like that..
Actions speaks louder to make my one year stint worth its every while.
Had dinner at Jing An Si Station. at a restaurant called 78. Have to comment
on the food! Not bad… but the drinks and the service REALLY have ALOT of
room for improvement. The other thing we have to acknowledge! Thanks Abby
for the dinner! hehe… Expat ya! haha… must go out more often! our Da jie here!
Thanks NEng giin for the introduction also! hehe!
Went home after that and set the SHEN mailers and stuff. talked to dore.
Man… I miss Neng Giin… he’ll be flying back to SG tmr 8am. Take care
dude! Bon voyage!

TSD Day011 – 一泻千里

Woke up at about 915am today! Feeling really tired! considering
ther fact that I slept at 2am. and I had a few runs in the toilet at
2+, 4+ and 9+. I think Gary’s charcoal pill worked for me. felt
better after that. Had Prata with egg for breakfast and off I go!
Out with Maomao & Frens!
Meeting Maomao and her Fudan friends at 徐家汇 at 10.
but later we changed the meeting to be at 科技馆。When we met
there, we decided to go to  延长路 station for some exhibition
called 大声展. An exhibition showing works of young artists.
Some are pretty abstract. I think most are. hehe.
Prior to the exhibition, we had lunch at this Yunan-style restaurant
with a super good soup! First time I drank the entire bowl since I
arrived in Shanghai! Superb! Also had some chicken in soy sauce.
That one’s not bad too. But I really love the 过桥米线 its like the
thick bee hoon for laksa! Really good!
After the exhibition, we went home soon after shopping around in
a nearby supermarket for a drink and for 出前一丁。 Got a drink.
But still cant find the instant noodles. I shall get it someday! hehe.
OK! the highlight of today! Pot luck! Being a lazy bunch, we ordered
pizzas and had bought ready made food to the event! hehe! I think
HAojie and gang surprised us all! With their Laksa, Fried rice, green
bean soup, Shane’s Choc cake, also Chicken wings and stuff! Wow..
The only thing we made was the salad… haha… well, aids digestion!
I think we really had a good time eating our hearts out and mingling
with each other! Made me feel alot like home when I know I am pretty
far away from it. Thanks people! you all are simply great! hehe!

TSD Day010 -YEAH! First double digit!

Lousy morning
Woke up at about 10am today… 
Feeling sore… Coz Dore hung up on me. But nevermind, shall
look on the bright side. Today am going Ke Ji Guan!
Can check out the dinosaur fossils and the fake goods
market! I intend to get a travellers’ backpack for dore and
myself. But the rest of the guys are still eating breakfast.
I miss dore!
The people are really slow… hehe. got to Ke ji guan only in the
afternoon. Shopped for a working bag. cool! Also bought a
book "Winning" by Jack Welch!
科技馆 is just way cool! took a whole lot of pictures outside the
building and also checked out the dinosaur exhibitions! So glad I queued
for a picture with me superimposed on the dinosaur! hehe. I am creative
enough to put a surfing picture on top of a triceratops! good stuff!
Strange enough, there is comething errie about the toilets that I dare not
take a picture of. The signs of the toilets in ke ji guan also includes male and
female ghosts on top of male and female signs. well. They are recognised in
a way. So I guessed it should be ok.
Afternoon to evening!
Went to 静安寺to pray and donate to the temple and to a really poor thing
beggar. His/Her (I don’t know) whole face is disfigured and one of the beggar’s
eye is gone. really win… He/She is the only beggar that made me drew some coins
for donation. Something happen as I was about to enter the temple. I felt a sense
of tranquility whelming up from within me outwards, seemingly expelling all
discomforts that is bogging my mind. really peaceful feeling. Dad is right I should
pray to the Goddess of Mercy here when I reach Shanghai!
Went to Sakae Sushi after that for dinner! Finally! Food! its about 530pm when we
reach the place. just me, Gary and Alex we whack the food! hehe! After that
Haojie and Gang join ithe game! haha! Ate a whole lot of goodstuff! like softshell,
octopus, unagi, scallop (and lots more!). Dinner was ultra satisfying! WE shared lotsa
stuff but we talked alot about ghost, fright nights and the possiblity of making the
future NOC boot camp having something like that! hehe.
On my way home! I am sooo surprise and happy that Dore got an IP card and called
me! hehe! Talked to her for 1hour, 2 minutes and 28 seconds! SG call China really MuCH
cheaper! hehe. Tonight I intend to blog, wash my clothes and iron my clothes! hehe!
Tomorrow going to meet Maomao and her friends from Fudan! hehe! 

TSD Day009 – RMB mode!

Today is the day for me to go to Fudan. And its a Friday. =)
I am soo glad that the house is finally in order. Got the cleaning
Aunty to clean the house, the tap heater is fixed and the shower
is fixed also! hehe…
Today I am in RMB mode! hehe… That means I gotta start thinking
like Mr Tiong! haha! Today I registered for a BOC (Bank of China)
account and (Other than going Fudan), I also went to Xu Jia Hui to
get an MP3 player and a webcam for Eugene! hehe.
I am sooo proud of myself, I bought a 1GB MP3 player (A shuffle lookalike)
and Eugene’s webcam altogether at 250 rmb! hehe… Good stuff!
HAd lunch at a afforadable place again. 5rmb. Saw this fast food
restaurant with a super cock name: 东方既白… haha…
We took bus 946 to Xu Jia hui and took 855 back. Bad choice to take
bus back… we alighted at the right stop (I think) but we took a wrong turn.
A disastrously wrong one That made us walk forever…  But we discovered
other things like a restaurant call Burger baby (汉堡宝)haha… The
burger seems not bad… got this chicken big mac lookalike. hehe.
 Finally gotten to Yishan road and took a train back… cock man! Wanted
to save $ by taking bus… but instead it backfired! Haha… Like is such
as such is life. =)
Finally reach home… sooo happy that everything is spick and span… the
RMB40 is worth every cent! hehe… HAd a short nap and after that I am
off to Badminton at Anne’s place! hehe! Followed by a treat by her!
After that had a tummyache.. went to Sharon and Kelvin’s place before
heading home. Called Dore too late and she hung up on me. hai.
Nvm, going 科技馆tomorrow! All will be good! =)

TSD Day008 – Missing Dore

Talked till almost 1pm last night with dore.
So happy that we had a video conversation.
Miss her alot. I think thats why I became much
happier today even though I woke up at 730am.
Gota recognise sponsors again Thanks Gary for that
one banana for breakfast! haha…
Reached the office at about 9am due to the super squeezy
bus. So happy to have gotten a seat! haha. was half awake
throughout the journey and I think I got the hang of walking
getting my walk to and from the office by bus…
Today is slightly better for me for a breather. Nothing much
except to make modifications to the SOP documents. The most
exciting thing for today is… MY 鸡腿饭便当!sooo nice!
Also have to thank Anneke for the Cornetto treat! hehe..
Strawberry! my favourite!
If you think this entry is quite boring you are right… I am feeling
lousy… coz I am missing dore extra much today… so much
so I am abit bored now… Saw the mail that dore emailed me…
haha… 情书。。。 so old school.. haha… but I like… in fact, I like
anything from her.
 Talked to Cornnie, Denise, Catherine and Joyce about taking classes
and stuff like Kendo, Akido, Salsa . They seem pretty interested. But
I hope dore is ok with it first. need approval… haha…
Finally went home at 5pm today, considered early to compensate for the
OTs I work the past few days. Able to join Gary and gang for dinner.
Went to a "lock-cock" place for dinner. not too ex.. a bowl of noodles for
3.50 rmb… I had 2 bowls.
Bought more bananas at carrefour and a laundary bag. Now doing a
financial kit to keep track of my $$… very poor le… Serene they all haven
pay me back..  sian… haha…
Waiting for tomorrow… waiting for the start of a new day! =)