TSD Day134: Fun Day!

Today has been a memorable normal day at work!!! haha!
I am sosososo happy about my trip tomorrow that I forgot to wish
Alicia’s Birth day! haha!
Something Funny!
Today I wish Alicia a Happy Birthday! But I thought wrong!!! haha!
Alicia’s Birthday  was actually yesterday!!!! (Stupid!) It became a
really funny episode especially when I called her! haha!
Thanks to Alicia for being my permanent Sunday Fish feeder!!!
Thanks to Willa!
For helping me to checkout who is working on Sat to help me feed my
fish!!! thanks! (^_^)
Great Dinner!
Cheap and good! Where? at "Da niang shui Jiao". Their
dumpling is EXCELLENT! (Actually value for $ lah… 12 for 10RMB)
their set meals are also value for $!!! its only 16 RMB for a lot of stuff!!!

Good Food at Their set meal is absolutely value for money!


TSD Day133: BizBuzz Lunch + first visit to Hongqiao Clinic!

这个Entry 嘛, 应该用华文! 因为今天跟一群非常聪明,
BizBuzz Lunch!
送的! 哈哈!) 我们还和Chris做了朋友!他的华文说的
指指点点, 说我们做的很Lame和Stupid。 真
Business Forum 2007 Preparation!!!

晚上在Tomorrow Square (明天广场) JW Marriott 帮忙准备明

天的Business Forum 2007! 老板也会在那里做Panelist。好累啊!


做到1 点多才回家! 明天还要上班!!!! 天啊!!! 哈哈!

不过虽然累, 大家都做得很融洽, 也很开心!

Pizza... not too niceFood!Part of BizBuzz gang!!!Ice-Cream Cheers!Bottoms up!Hong Qiao Toilet! super cool!Fantastic Supper!Us working OT for Business Forum!Goodie Bag!!! Goodies....

TSD Day132: Good bye NCSH 7!!!!

I think I should write this in english so that my NCSH friends
can read them easily! =)
At work
Generally ok…. Given new task to produce a workflow to send
the lab samples from our side to Huashan and the results back.
not too difficult. more excited about the dinner later!!!
Farewell Dinner for NCSH7!!!
Today is the day for their farewell dinner!!! it was attended by
CG and friends from the consulate!!! Prof Teoh and the Profs
from Fudan are also there. Also, companies that the seniors
intern in came as well! hehe!
It was a really fun evening drinking and seeing everyone so
happy, trying to make Gabriel drunk! and many thanks to
CG for the gift!
NCSH 7, you will be missed here!
Dinner! for 7th batch farewell!Nice place!Posh!People!Cold dish!Dinner!Yum Seng!!!NUS@Shanghai!DSC07538

TSD Day131: Jean 的话。。。

今天早上在公司里,知道自己接下来的几个月会在红桥诊所和 Rie
学东西。我认为应该会有不错的收获吧!也和Samuel 讨论了些公
司的事情,因为我也打算从Samuel 身上学学Marketing 的技巧。
不过如果真的要说,今天最有收获的是下午去金桥和Jean 的谈话。
除了DTC, 今天就只是拍拍Annual Party 的照片。没什么重要的。
Jean 的话。。。
常出色的Clinic Manager。 把整个诊所打理得井井有条。尽管她也
跟我说了她自己在公司不好的经历, 她也没因为如此而对诊所的打
串起每个人所说的话。慢慢的拚成了一个Whole Picture,也知道了
她的1。75米高的13 岁女儿)和对医疗方面的浓厚兴趣是她的推动力!
当然! 我也很感谢她请我喝的奶茶! 哈哈!谢谢潘静!!!
"The manner of giving is worth more than the gift."

Pierre Corneille

我认为 Shanghai NOC 真的让我受益不浅!
Shanghai NUS Overseas College Rocks! =)
Jean's Treat! Milk Tea!!!Nice dinner!!! hehe!

TSD Day130: Tour Guide RZ! (^_^)

很抱歉!前两天都写英文。 因为实在没时间和精力。星期五喝得烂醉,星期六
忙着接Huimin 到处参观美丽的上海!今天稍微好一些!
七浦路附近的(Sungei Road!)
大家请注意! Sungei Raod 是新加坡的一个二手市场。 什么都可能有!我就
袋子!一个能送给Alicia 当生日礼物!(Face book 上写她的生日要到了!)
不是很贵啦, 不过应该蛮有用的!
可惜来迟了,科技馆关门了。 所以就在那里的“新襄阳”逛逛。 那里非常好!
还用说吗?当然吃有好的菜和佳的服务的餐馆啦!我们8th 和 7th SHEN, 都
七浦路街边吃早点!Sungei Road! haha!尚一汤菜单!好美的设计!很不错的菜!SHEN + Huimin!!!我在上海科技馆买的三国志人物雕像!

TSD Day129: Huimin in Shanghai!!!

Allow me to introduce my friend from the NOC office: Huimin!!!!
She is a staff of NUS overseas college and she is also the one
that interviewed and passed me!!! haha! So you can say that I
am here in Shanghai thanks to her, passing my first interview!
Haha! now that she is here in Shanghai! of course I would show her
around!!! haha!!!  A tight but rewarding schedule!!! we covered a lot
of ground today! We started at about 2pm from the arrival hall in
Pudong International Airport to her hotel near the Shanghai Stadium!
Its already 3+ and we headed directly to Yu Garden and Cheng huang Temple.
Had the famous "Xiao Long Bao" there too! nice! The Bund was the next target!
and we went through the tourist tunnel at the Bund and took photos of
Pu Xi from Lu jia zui! haha! We saw the xmas tree at the Super brand mall!
nice!!! makes me feel Chirstmasy!!!
After that was the walk along east Nanjing road to People’s Square where
we had some soya drink at Yong He. Saw her to the station after that and went home.
Super tired… haha! time to sleep… Zzzz… haha
Huimin and I at the Pudong Arrival Hall!!!Huimin's Hotel!!!Sightseeing Tunnel at the Bund! Boring!Xmas Tree at Super Brand Mall!

TSD Day128: Inspection by Health Bureau!!!!

Today is the FIRST time I witness an inspection by the health bureau!!
Whew! haha! very interesting! I made my way to Mandarin City early
in the morning. Joyce and I decorated the rooms so that the best parts
of the rooms are presented and to the standards required by the bureau.
It is really interesting to see how Joyce intends to impress the officials.
Dr. Fukuda and a nurse from Hong Qiao is also present. we all witness the
inspection together. haha! this is sososososooooo interesting! haha! (I also
learnt a bit more on the implementation of the GUAN XI factors!!! hehe!
Thanks to observing Joyce and seeing how she works. Too bad I don’t
speak Shanghainese. but I do know the least you should do is to have
someone who speaks their language.)
Met Group COO! Dan Synder!!!
Wonderful guy! I did a little due diligence on him and found out that he is one
power guy! haha! I think his thoughts on Medical tourism is pretty much in line
with that of Dr. Seah! 
Thanks Joce, Brian and Joe!
After work I WALKED all the the way to Central Huai Hai Road for a treat!!! 
Special Thanks to Joce for the Invite!!! The food is really not bad! Its a steam boat
buffett! but the secret lies in its sauce!! they use this special vinegar that is quite
appetizing and mild enough to mix it with the food generously!
Also! there’s Joe’s rice! mixed with Egg! nto bad! have not had something likedat
for a long time! tastes like egg poridge! haha!
After that, they bought me to this Club at Heng Shan Lu. Oh my god! There was where
I drank and drank and drank…. because I kept losing at the dice game!!! arrghhh!
The people there are darn good! haha!
All in all, I have to thank Joce, Brian and Joe for the treat, showing me around, and the
drinks!!!!! Thanks sooo much!! haha! HAd such a great time!!! haha!
 Nurse + Dr. Fukuda before Inspection!

Cheers! After Inspection!My little cosy Aquarium!!!Joce's Recommended restaurant!Great Steamboat!Joe can cook! hehe! Nice rice + Egg!Brian and Joce! Thanks for the Treat!MeEEEClub!!!I Lost sooo badly at the dice game!

TSD Day127:对Blogging 的感触

从昨天我就在想。。。我天天写Blog, 到底在干嘛?
在这时候 , 我就想,如果我60-70岁的时候,还能回味
Inspection! 希望一切顺利!
"Courage is grace under pressure."
会和Brian 和Emily 见面!他们是我在韩国认识的朋友,
但是我韩币不够。还记得Brian 请我喝了杯咖啡。如果
可以今天一定请他们吃饭!可惜没机会, 他还请我吃了
Dairy Queen 的冰淇淋! 哈哈!很棒!而且认识了
Lee 和 Nora.
名都城!名都城!With Rie Inside!瑞虹!Dinner with Brian (from Korea!)Lee(Korea), Brian(Korea), Nora(Hong kong), Emily(Shanghai) and MEEEE (Singapore!)


Today I had a long long day at work after going to the company directly
from Fudan…. I am soosososososoooo happy that I finally met up with
the team from Biz Buzz! yay!!! haha! So now finally we have gotten enough
people to for 2 teams for the 72 hour business case competition on 8 Dec!
Haha! This is a codename for our project in the company!!! haha! I am soso
happy to be part of this project! helping Rie has thought me much! or at least
I think it will! haha!
Today was the first meeting! Had discussion with Fred, Joyce and Erik. Also
the contractors are involved! this is really intersting! haha! I am begining to learn
teh basics of setting up a clinic… the amount of licensing involved seems quite
intimidating for anyone to start a business… haha!
I missed a networking event though.. because I worked overtime to get the minutes
out for this project… haha! but I am glad my fishes are all with me! =)

TSD Day125: Thanks Joanne for the fishes and light bulb!

今天超超超开心!要谢谢Joanne从Tomorrow Square附近的
元!(在我和老板娘电话上还价以后!) 现在我有八条鱼,四种品种!
"A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same."

Elbert Hubbard

今天蛮闲的,因为刚做完Org Chart。 等星期三和Rie
虾仁饭!超健康!超好吃!Joanne 送的宝莲灯(蓝色的鱼)!惺忪的我和虾仁饭!