LSiN Day097: Overworked and underpaid!!!

的号码对调了本来是54小时,变成45小时 @!#$*%&$&%* !!! 早知道就做个
还有Start-up (s)!!! hehe!
Ok Today started my day teaching! then its completing my project and
studying my japanese!!! man! I ended my day trying to do alot of
things at the same time!!! Really need some help man! haha!
Need to prioritise! Need effective time management!!!
Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.
William Penn
!!! X_X !!!Dying from overwork!!! haha!I like this one! haha!

LSiN Day096: 无名标题

Today had my swim in the school! hehe! 30laps! no more no
less! hehe! then its lessons and I studied Japanese during my
free time in school as well! wasting no time!!!
I also got my transcript from 复旦大学,管理学院. haha! So
What I have been studying is management science! haha!
管理科学!sounds pretty cool! haha!
Time is really tight now… with all my deadlines coming up!
Gota pack up my feelings and do my work man! Even though
I lost my motivation… I really still gota get things done…
even without feelings…
Feeling and longing are the motive forces behind all
human endeavor and human creations.
Albert Einstein
Chicken Rice for Lunch!STUDYING!My Fudan University Transcript! aha!

LSiN Day095: Finding sweetness in life…

Today I did not go to swim… maybe because I slept too
late last night. But anyway, I used that little bit of extra
time to study my japanese… I am just studying not to
After that was teaching then heading to school for a guest
lecture by Paypal! wow! not bad! got to know some high
level paypal people! then its going to the dean’s office to
discuss with Professor on Entrepreneurship in SoC (School
of computing) pretty interesting…
Then its dinner! my favourite 排骨面 with extra veggie for
a healthier living! haha! After that was lesson again before
heading home!
there are still alot to be done… both to my personal life and
to the things I need to do! haha! there is no time.. maybe
this is good… so that I wont think too much… just bury myself
in work… nevermind about what was lost.
"All men have a sweetness in their life. That is what
helps them go on. It is towards that they turn when
they feel too worn out."  Albert Camus
Paypal Contacts! Wow!Meeting with prof on Entrepreneurship in SoC (School of Computing!)我最爱的排骨面!加蔬菜!非常健康!

LSiN Day094: 当爱变成无奈。好痛。

没想到竟然会见到多多年不见的炜棋! 哈哈!她是我以前的Orientaion
Group Leader (OGL)! 哈哈!还记得那时候一起带领我们的OG! 哈哈!
Today I swam taught and went to school for my FINAL presentation
for one of my modules!!! hehe! now only need to present for the
remaining 2 modules!!! haha! man!
Also had Lunch in school! haha! too hungry after the presentation!
Then its heading home for JAP! haha! I really hopr to pass JLPT2!
am working to make this hope a reality…. I know I am still a
cannot make it wannabe… hehe!
But behold! I shall keep working and achieve man! WORK!
"When it comes to getting things done, we need fewer
architects and more bricklayers."  Colleen C. Barrett

LSiN Day093: Divide and Conquer!!!

当然需要Divide and Conquer!!! 把问题分割成小问题,一个一个解决!
Today I swam for half a day! haha! 40+ laps… oh my god… and I
think I am sunburnt… haha… It’s nice knowing Georgie and the
lunch at subway was great! haha!
Also solved the problem for the website assignment and now I can
move on with my group assignment!!! and I am glad to have finished
5 parts out of 9 parts of my Jap Grammar!! Shall finish up to 7 parts
this week! haha! Good progress! hehe!
Also had some qualit time with my family! especially my Newphew!
Things are looking great!Shall work on these problems! hehe!
"It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with
problems longer."  Albert Einstein
Bang and I in the pool!My Tuna Wraps and Cookies!Georgie's Sub...Biscuit Time!!!My Nephew and I..


应该没有人会了解我今天像过山车一样的Career Phonecalls…
The frustration is not only from getting a job.. it is also
from school work… due to some technical specifications.
there are some problems.. this is stupid but I have no
choice… too bad…
Something’s Brewing…
Today Chee Siew called me to discuss about something
interesting… it could be the next fun thing that I would
want to do! hehe!
I really have to thank him! I think he is very passionate
about entrepreneurship and me on the other hand… has
been slacking abit with all my other commitments…
I am not sure if it will work, I am no genius or fortune
teller, but I really hope I am smart enough to know…
"Common sense is instinct, and enough of it is
genius." Josh Billings

Warning... Frustration Ahead...I wish I could reduce stress with someone else's head... haha!


LSiN Day091: Putting thoughts into Action(s)

也做完了另一个Project 的Report! 还差PPT。现在最难打倒的敌人
Swam 30 laps in school today! refreshing! after stopping for 3 days
due to rain! I feel so refreshed to work! Met Shaun to REALLY
start on our project and thanks Bang for his constant help! haha!
I realised I need to REDO everything!!! arrrghhh!!!
But today, I took the time to finish my other projects first before
attacking the final bosses! haha!
The best part today? THANKS YVON for the post card! haha!
really nice!! this is a post card of Sanya… I think it is in Hainan
(海南). Really miss her chatty and vibrant personality!!! haha!
All that being said… now there still needs constant action…
"Action is the foundational key to all success."

Pablo Picasso

Lunch!Postcard from Yvon!Her letter! hehe! must keep out some sensitive details... haha

LSiN Day090: 食言。。。

她知道我的想法。不过还是很帮助我。 我会记得她的帮忙。她是这么
说的:"Go find what you want, if you things still do not go your
way by a certain date, you can consider the government then."
十分。。。 不好意思。
Today was still pretty good, Other than meeting my mentor, I
also taught and did my project work… and of course, JAP! haha!
How can I not work on it… especially when the deadline is soo
near…. haha!
I am just feeling lousy still… I never know that the truth can be
so cruel… so real… and so in my face….
"All truth, in the long run, is only common sense clarified."

Thomas Huxley


LSiN Day089: The Crisis Algorithm

所谓的Crisis Algorithm,就是有紧急状况的时候应该做什么,今天开始
1. Put each problem into either (Easy, Medium, Difficult)
2. Solve Easy questions first, quickly
3. Solve URGENT questions first, also quickly
So today I finished another part in Japanese Grammar… and I also
finished 2 project meetings and I shall finish ONE of the 2 projects
today! Also met NES (NUS Entrepreneurship Society) people for an
interview on CHUPR. nice picture!
Too many things to do… I have to prioritise… Do only things that
are worth doing and amongst these things, do the urgent ones first.
BUT! never sacrifice quality for ANYTHING!
"Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well."

Lord Chesterfield

Lunch: Fish, Meat Veggie and POTATO!!! hehe!Hanyang and I!NES interview...

LSiN Day088: 塞翁失马。。。

Today is a great day! hehe! did not swim today. but taught and
went to school. haha! then followed by choosing my NEW fossil
watch! great! haha! then its lecture till 9pm!!!!
Life is not easy… but I am lucky! and I will work hard to keep
having this luck…
"Life must be understood backwards; but… it must be
lived forward." Soren Kierkegaard
Great Selection to Choose from... delivered...My Choice...Dinner...My new Fossil watch, Biscuit from Huiping and LEcture notes...