LSin Day127: Study and play! with Amirul…

Well today its full of studying … even while relaxing, I am watching
japanese doraemon… haha! man.. Exams are ending soon…
finally… one more week! hehe! I am afraid that I may not pass my
JLPT2 test… it is really not easy… But I will not give up. that is what
I am sure of… If I fail, all I need to do is to try again!
"Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet
voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."
Mary Anne Radmacher quotes
YEah! Toys with Amirul! Our RACE!!!! Vroom... Guess who's the winner? hehe...

LSiN Day126: 生存以上生活以下!

考试一步一步逼近!而我也一直都在吃饭,睡觉,读书,吃饭, 睡觉
读书。。。哈哈!好No Life啊!!!! 我的生活呢???怎么会变成
这样??? 天啊!为了生存。。。 生存以上,生活? 等一下啦!
Today its studying of my Jap Grammar then its a few past year
exam papers before I head off for an evening jog! hehe! nothing
much! Well now its really th no life phase… just bear with it!
I think today is a super funny quote:
NERDS: You cannot kill what already has no life.
Am I studying too much?I cannot be killed... haha!

LSiN Day125: 心中尚未崩溃的地方

Today I did my practice on JLPT as usual while preparing for
my final 2 exams in NUS on Monday. haha! Not too easy…
But I just got to do it! Also had a super filling lunch with mum
today! haha! I bought famous duck riceand my favourite
Chwee Kuey!!! hehe! Love it!
~五月天, 《我心中尚未崩坏的地方》,专辑:后青春期的
I think this is the last group photo with this group... Ok... the photo just now was the second last... hehe Chwee Kuey! hehe! my fav Yummy!

LSiN Day124: 五月天:后。青春期的诗!

还用说吗?五月天的新专辑!!!!OH MY GOD!!! 太棒了!太好听了!
我一边听一边HIGH! 哈哈!都差点忘了我还有考试!还要念书!哈哈!
Today I got my new watch too… but its an EXTREMELY OLD model… its
the casio W-59. old but durable model! haha! To wear it when I go jog,
canoe, swim and whatever! haha!
Also had my favorite char kuey teow for lunch! fantastic!!! haha! I am
just sooo happy today!!! hehe!
Super HIGH today!!! the ALBUM IS JUST GREAT!!!I am gona study,
listening to it!!! haha! Whole day!!! whole night!! haha!
"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those
who could not hear the music." Angela Monet quotes
五月天新专辑和我刚买的新表(旧款式) 好灵啊! 我打算作件幼稚的事,去他们的签唱会!  还有免费演唱会的券?太好了吧? 我最喜欢的炒果条!还有腊肠,虾和HAM!哈哈!

LSiN Day123: 头痛!读书的副作用!

读太多书了! 现在对书敏感!一看见就头痛!真的!只要不看书,
Today has been rather productive.. studied Jap grammar in
the morning, Did papers for my Computing exam in the afternoon
till evening, JOG, continue with JAP grammar at night! and
also on the listening! hehe!
In a way, I do love the SNACKING part of the studying process!
haha! where I can munch on my favourite potato chips while
enjoying my cup of Lipton (Rasberry flavour!) hehe!
"Things do not happen. Things are made to happen."

John F. Kennedy


Potato chips and Lipton... to me, they go together best! hehe! CAn you see me doing my pull up? haha! Jogging fun starts here! Looking back! This is what it looks like at the end of one side! to the Canal! Along the canal!  Along the houses! Beside the road! can u see me? hehe! One round is almost completed! Fun Jog! hehe! 


LSiN Day122: JLPT2 もうちっよと! (should be もうちょっと!)

天啊!还差那么一点! 那道,我就注定在这里惨败吗?加油啊!还有两
IF (I really mean IF!) I EVER pass my JLPT 2 this Dec, I will:
– Be a good boy and accompany my mum to the market every sunday
– Go to the temple to pray and burn incense
– Eat Vegetarian for 3 days (I cant take it any more than 3 days)
Haha… I am working very hard… If I ever pass this time! Also, I am
working on my exams preparations!!! haha!  I need to STEP UP!! in
more ways than 1… hehe!
"What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery quotes
Chocolate saves the day... もうちっよと!correction should be もうちょっと! An Improvement? Just a little bit more!!! 

LSiN Day121: 妈妈的葡萄!I need a break…

除了繁重的考试准备和读不完的日语, 今天最开心的就是妈妈给我的葡萄!
是我最喜欢的紫色葡萄!好甜啊!我好想休息, 好想找个机会好好的偷得
浮生半日闲! 哈哈! 真想好好休息!
You know you need a break when:
– Your head is always giddy when u look at books
– Feels lousy not getting what u want in life (in career)
– Cant seem to score in your Jap test no matter how hard you try
– Just cannot enjoy anything you are doing now
Well that is what I am feeling… right in the middle of exams! hehe!
Well I just gota study! Just got to!!! I hope this entry can help me
The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it. 
~Attributed to both Jim Goodwin and Sydney J. Harris
妈妈的葡萄!我喜欢的紫色葡萄!I need a break...Bored...Of exams and TestsAnd of course STRESSED...

LSiN Day120: 妈妈的甜汤!

Am going crazy… studying… I think exams sort of
killed my interest for everything… haha! am having a
bad headache now…
But I guess I just have to say the dessert mum made
is real good.. with logan, ginko nuts, tapioca… yummy.
Ginko nuts are good for the brain… let’s see if it helps.
haha! Let’s hope my ACTION is not just going through
motion man… results!!!
"Never mistake motion for action."

Ernest Hemingway


LSiN Day119: 1st Exam Day!

On my way back home from the examination hall, I met my
childhood friend Guosen. Such a coincedence! we had a
sumptous lunch together talking about how to cherish time
now that we are no longer as young as we used to be! haha!
Also adviced him on some personal matters (of the heart).
hehe. Wishing him all the best for his quest this coming Monday!
Back home, its reading the papers and studying!!! For this
period, it will be pretty stressful for me… especially since I
have no confidence in my other papers. ESPECIALLY JAP!
"Advice is like castor oil, easy enough to give but dreadful
uneasy to take." Josh Billings
Nice Postcard! Sumptous Lunch After the first exam!!! My modified Nasi Lemak! 蚝煎!好吃!

LSiN Day118: The Marketing Challenge!!!

一个学期了, 成绩都是差不多的!所以还是担心些比较需要我的时间的东西!
Other than the other personal challenge, please allow me to use today’s
entry to post a marketing challenge and I welcome any suggestions! hehe!
So the question goes, if you have VERY LIMITED marketing budget: say $0.
How do you do up a successful marketing plan??? what are the ways you
would consider? hehe! I think this is very interesting! If the plan turns out
to be successful, it will be SUPER SATISFYING!!! haha! The feeling of being
top of the world after you have overcomed the odds is FANTASTIC! hehe!
Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.
General George S. Patton (American General in World War I and II)
Some Dilbert markting wisdom...Good old marketing techniques?The money is as far as it seems... haha!