TSD Day013 – That fateful day

Hmmm day 13… seems to be a pretty unlucky number.
But does it really matter? Its all in the mind! haha!
In the morning!
Woke up at 7am today without snoozing! hehe! Went to
bathe and flew out of the house before 745am so that
I can be in time for the daily meeting. Got to the office
like at 820! super early! But was really disappointed that
and felt the meeting was below par. I felt I don’t understand
what is going on in the different branches.
I have an urge to really go to the different branches and stay
there for like at least a few days each so as to better understand
each’s workflow and dynamics. Oh yeah… I forgot. I haven had
breakfast. Only a vitamin C pill that my mum got for me for my
trip here.
LUNCH and beyond.
Hmm had honey roasted chicken chop with rice for lunch. not
very nice. I still prefer "Xing qi yi". Think I’ll eat there tomorrow. hehe.
Gona help Mark with the Perfoma thingy he asked me to. I don’t
really know what it is. but I guess I can learn something from it.
He’s the COO afterall rite. hehe gona read straits times interactive
for during lunchtime. time to get updated on the news!
Helping mark to do the Financial Proforma! Thats the right spelling!
Well I think I will continue with it tomorrow.
That moment…
REally pissed… I am exteremely angry with dore. Never before so pissed.
I think we really need to think about the relationship.
There are alot of things she did that made me wonder why am I still doing this?
But I thought. In a realtionship, its not about loving the perfect person, its about
being able to cope the obstacles and each others’ short comming that makes the
relationship perfect.
She was not, despite countless times and ways to salvage the relationship, at all
wanting to improve or compromise for each others’ short coming. I have to say that
these are all my own views. she may see me as an ass.
I thought being a long distance, the last thing we need was more negativity into the
relationship. well. she gave me that surprise less than 48 hours I just left the her
at the airport. Countless arguments over the details pursue, tying me down real bad.
Being in NOC, I guess I really needed the freedom. I have said it before and I will say
it again to remind myself. I am deteremined to succeed. nothing will stop me. I really
dislike the feeling of having to convince her time and again that I am true to her and
would love to see her as much.
She is just the kind that needs the company, that I cant give now. I am tired to keep
maintaining and her always correcting on my whatever (perceived) faults that I have.
I really feel that this negativity will bog me down. Today, her attitude was the
intolerable. I have decided to take the initiative. For all that I have did, I think she
really made me feel its not worth it.
I think we’d be better off alone (or with someone else that has time).
Going for dinner.. feeling alone. The walk to the bus stop seems extra far, alot of things
are going on in my mind. A lot of flashbacks, future plans distrupted. With one of my pillar
of strength gone, I think I can only fall back on my family and my friends. These thoughts
are still running in my mind, about the past, our past, whats here and now, and a future that
I am not so certain. In terms of romance at least.
When I reached Gary and gang at Cloud Nine, I tried to not think about me and her for a
moment. and concentrated on the dinner. I think i can be strong. Better to end it now than
to drag it for another half a year and drain us out before we finally put a stop. I think she
can’t wait anyway. Judging from the negativity (that I feel is no longer worth tolerating).
Dinner is good. In a darn affordable restaurant! each person is like only 8 bucks. Had about
6 dishes and the best part: free flow of rice! haha!  Bought a box of 王老吉!
Chat with Dore.
She said some stuff I said on top are not true. I just have to highlight this as what I say
may be inclined to my side (even though I feel I am reletively neutral). We talked for quite
a while (32mins 59 secs) it was only then that I begin to wonder… Why are you begining
to feel positive only during the last moments?

TSD Day012 – 全世界都开始说中国话

 全世界都开始说中国话, 孔子和孙子也已国际化!
Armed with just determination to succeed, 5 hours of sleep and
a 4rmb chicken sandwich, I made my way to office The start of 
another challenging week ahead! With a recharged mind and body,
I am ready to take on any new challenge to come!
As I was on my way towards the busstop. The reality slowly set in.
The fact that I slep a little later because NEeng Giin and I talked a
little before I go to bed. Slowly finding it hard to keep my eyes open.
And really squeezing on the bus. The only consoling thing? MY cool
stuff: My new bag and the MP3. hehe…
In office, I begin operation MEDBOT, a concept that I have been thinking
since my third day of work to help bring in sales for the company. After
3 days of observation (I know its not enough). I have decided to go ahead
with the operation and started to create a survey and check out with my
colleagues especially Mike on the feasibility of MEDBOT.
This is one thing really corny! I had lunch on a Monday at a restaurant called
星期一! The food is really good! With generous servings of vegetables and
a decent amount of meat and rice. With soup too! Today I got a fish fillet
rice set with Tomato soup! Great way to start the week! So glad I made my way
there! Satisfying to take pictures there! Comapred to calling for it to be
delivered here. After that I went with Cornnie to 乐购 to get some stuff.
I wanted to get 王老吉which is the equivalent of 佳佳凉茶. Arrgghhh! Cant
find it there again! Nevermind. This I am sure I can get it at Carrefour! hehe! 
After Lunch – The biggest step in my entire Internship!
This one action done by this one man (That’s yours truly: me!)  would be a
point of no return. I have decided to send an email to the Boss! about how
I feel and what are the things that I think we should do for the comapny.
Its more of a suggestive and asking for opinions and guidance kind of
mail. Not any hate mail (On the contrary, I LOVE parkway! hehe). I feel
this act of sending would have open a floodgate and I would be super
tied up from then on. But I guess that’s what my one year here is suppose to
be. I don’t want it to pass just like that..
Actions speaks louder to make my one year stint worth its every while.
Had dinner at Jing An Si Station. at a restaurant called 78. Have to comment
on the food! Not bad… but the drinks and the service REALLY have ALOT of
room for improvement. The other thing we have to acknowledge! Thanks Abby
for the dinner! hehe… Expat ya! haha… must go out more often! our Da jie here!
Thanks NEng giin for the introduction also! hehe!
Went home after that and set the SHEN mailers and stuff. talked to dore.
Man… I miss Neng Giin… he’ll be flying back to SG tmr 8am. Take care
dude! Bon voyage!

TSD Day011 – 一泻千里

Woke up at about 915am today! Feeling really tired! considering
ther fact that I slept at 2am. and I had a few runs in the toilet at
2+, 4+ and 9+. I think Gary’s charcoal pill worked for me. felt
better after that. Had Prata with egg for breakfast and off I go!
Out with Maomao & Frens!
Meeting Maomao and her Fudan friends at 徐家汇 at 10.
but later we changed the meeting to be at 科技馆。When we met
there, we decided to go to  延长路 station for some exhibition
called 大声展. An exhibition showing works of young artists.
Some are pretty abstract. I think most are. hehe.
Prior to the exhibition, we had lunch at this Yunan-style restaurant
with a super good soup! First time I drank the entire bowl since I
arrived in Shanghai! Superb! Also had some chicken in soy sauce.
That one’s not bad too. But I really love the 过桥米线 its like the
thick bee hoon for laksa! Really good!
After the exhibition, we went home soon after shopping around in
a nearby supermarket for a drink and for 出前一丁。 Got a drink.
But still cant find the instant noodles. I shall get it someday! hehe.
OK! the highlight of today! Pot luck! Being a lazy bunch, we ordered
pizzas and had bought ready made food to the event! hehe! I think
HAojie and gang surprised us all! With their Laksa, Fried rice, green
bean soup, Shane’s Choc cake, also Chicken wings and stuff! Wow..
The only thing we made was the salad… haha… well, aids digestion!
I think we really had a good time eating our hearts out and mingling
with each other! Made me feel alot like home when I know I am pretty
far away from it. Thanks people! you all are simply great! hehe!

TSD Day010 -YEAH! First double digit!

Lousy morning
Woke up at about 10am today… 
Feeling sore… Coz Dore hung up on me. But nevermind, shall
look on the bright side. Today am going Ke Ji Guan!
Can check out the dinosaur fossils and the fake goods
market! I intend to get a travellers’ backpack for dore and
myself. But the rest of the guys are still eating breakfast.
I miss dore!
The people are really slow… hehe. got to Ke ji guan only in the
afternoon. Shopped for a working bag. cool! Also bought a
book "Winning" by Jack Welch!
科技馆 is just way cool! took a whole lot of pictures outside the
building and also checked out the dinosaur exhibitions! So glad I queued
for a picture with me superimposed on the dinosaur! hehe. I am creative
enough to put a surfing picture on top of a triceratops! good stuff!
Strange enough, there is comething errie about the toilets that I dare not
take a picture of. The signs of the toilets in ke ji guan also includes male and
female ghosts on top of male and female signs. well. They are recognised in
a way. So I guessed it should be ok.
Afternoon to evening!
Went to 静安寺to pray and donate to the temple and to a really poor thing
beggar. His/Her (I don’t know) whole face is disfigured and one of the beggar’s
eye is gone. really win… He/She is the only beggar that made me drew some coins
for donation. Something happen as I was about to enter the temple. I felt a sense
of tranquility whelming up from within me outwards, seemingly expelling all
discomforts that is bogging my mind. really peaceful feeling. Dad is right I should
pray to the Goddess of Mercy here when I reach Shanghai!
Went to Sakae Sushi after that for dinner! Finally! Food! its about 530pm when we
reach the place. just me, Gary and Alex we whack the food! hehe! After that
Haojie and Gang join ithe game! haha! Ate a whole lot of goodstuff! like softshell,
octopus, unagi, scallop (and lots more!). Dinner was ultra satisfying! WE shared lotsa
stuff but we talked alot about ghost, fright nights and the possiblity of making the
future NOC boot camp having something like that! hehe.
On my way home! I am sooo surprise and happy that Dore got an IP card and called
me! hehe! Talked to her for 1hour, 2 minutes and 28 seconds! SG call China really MuCH
cheaper! hehe. Tonight I intend to blog, wash my clothes and iron my clothes! hehe!
Tomorrow going to meet Maomao and her friends from Fudan! hehe! 

TSD Day009 – RMB mode!

Today is the day for me to go to Fudan. And its a Friday. =)
I am soo glad that the house is finally in order. Got the cleaning
Aunty to clean the house, the tap heater is fixed and the shower
is fixed also! hehe…
Today I am in RMB mode! hehe… That means I gotta start thinking
like Mr Tiong! haha! Today I registered for a BOC (Bank of China)
account and (Other than going Fudan), I also went to Xu Jia Hui to
get an MP3 player and a webcam for Eugene! hehe.
I am sooo proud of myself, I bought a 1GB MP3 player (A shuffle lookalike)
and Eugene’s webcam altogether at 250 rmb! hehe… Good stuff!
HAd lunch at a afforadable place again. 5rmb. Saw this fast food
restaurant with a super cock name: 东方既白… haha…
We took bus 946 to Xu Jia hui and took 855 back. Bad choice to take
bus back… we alighted at the right stop (I think) but we took a wrong turn.
A disastrously wrong one That made us walk forever…  But we discovered
other things like a restaurant call Burger baby (汉堡宝)haha… The
burger seems not bad… got this chicken big mac lookalike. hehe.
 Finally gotten to Yishan road and took a train back… cock man! Wanted
to save $ by taking bus… but instead it backfired! Haha… Like is such
as such is life. =)
Finally reach home… sooo happy that everything is spick and span… the
RMB40 is worth every cent! hehe… HAd a short nap and after that I am
off to Badminton at Anne’s place! hehe! Followed by a treat by her!
After that had a tummyache.. went to Sharon and Kelvin’s place before
heading home. Called Dore too late and she hung up on me. hai.
Nvm, going 科技馆tomorrow! All will be good! =)

TSD Day008 – Missing Dore

Talked till almost 1pm last night with dore.
So happy that we had a video conversation.
Miss her alot. I think thats why I became much
happier today even though I woke up at 730am.
Gota recognise sponsors again Thanks Gary for that
one banana for breakfast! haha…
Reached the office at about 9am due to the super squeezy
bus. So happy to have gotten a seat! haha. was half awake
throughout the journey and I think I got the hang of walking
getting my walk to and from the office by bus…
Today is slightly better for me for a breather. Nothing much
except to make modifications to the SOP documents. The most
exciting thing for today is… MY 鸡腿饭便当!sooo nice!
Also have to thank Anneke for the Cornetto treat! hehe..
Strawberry! my favourite!
If you think this entry is quite boring you are right… I am feeling
lousy… coz I am missing dore extra much today… so much
so I am abit bored now… Saw the mail that dore emailed me…
haha… 情书。。。 so old school.. haha… but I like… in fact, I like
anything from her.
 Talked to Cornnie, Denise, Catherine and Joyce about taking classes
and stuff like Kendo, Akido, Salsa . They seem pretty interested. But
I hope dore is ok with it first. need approval… haha…
Finally went home at 5pm today, considered early to compensate for the
OTs I work the past few days. Able to join Gary and gang for dinner.
Went to a "lock-cock" place for dinner. not too ex.. a bowl of noodles for
3.50 rmb… I had 2 bowls.
Bought more bananas at carrefour and a laundary bag. Now doing a
financial kit to keep track of my $$… very poor le… Serene they all haven
pay me back..  sian… haha…
Waiting for tomorrow… waiting for the start of a new day! =)

TSD Day007 – Merger and Acquisition: In the Thick of Action!

Waking up…
Today I woke up at 6:48AM and guess what? I went back to bed. haha.
What else do you expect? I slept at 1245 last night! haha. Finally woke
up at the sound of the alarm clock of my Nokia 6280. Left the house
and wanted to buy breakfast at a stall near the station at first, reason being
I havent tried the food there and my friends said its cheaper… ( I am
saving up for travelling within China and to Tibet and Nepal!)
On my way to office!
Ok, I went to the store and was disappointed that it only has like soya bean
drink and man tou… (wtf…. I need meat!!!) So I decided to buy whatever
food there is in the office area. Took the bus and I alighted at the right stop!
hehe! (ytd I alighted one stop earlier! cock!) While I was walking to a
convenient store, before I could go in, I heard a voice:" Good morning renzhi!"
Its my boss… haha… So I followed him stright to the 830 meeting! I had wanted
to be in the meeting ytd!
In office!
So glad that I can be involved in the various meetings (internal, external, regional).
Glad also that I can see how Dr Lim, our Group CEO think and learn what are the
key issues that top people usually look at to revamp an organisation. Revise the
slides after that before I went to a weekly meeting for all the managers in the different
branches in China. Good stuff. Got to see how organisation functions and learn to
identify and solve the bottlenecks. Almost forgot to mention! Have to give credit to
the company for sponsoring my breakfast provided for the people making an effort to
come for the early meeting and the lunch for the team bonding. =)
During lunch
When to a Italian place for Pizza with Anneke and Danielle. I am so happy that I am able
to go to Tomorrow Square for the website meeting this Friday. The food in the restaurant is
not bad! Except for the poor air conditioning. I think I need to brush up on my chinese. haha.
Even Danielle corrected me that the receipt in China is called 发票!I CMI sia!
After Lunch
Ok, After lunch is pretty ok… just touching up the slides and doing more administrative
staff like filling up forms for claims for the lunch and to HR for me joining the company.
Only that there are always some last minute things that I need to keep making modifications!
Anneke was a great help for the slides! Thanks!
After Work
Had a meeting with Shane and gang and Choo pin on the charity idea for the kids.
Ate KFC.. cost 30 rmb… there goes my budget for the day. Luckily I just received news
that I have gotten the IES award. Mum called… miss home a bit.. and eldest bro is
down with dengue… man… I hope he is ok….
End the day tired… but happy.. coz I did stuff in office and talked to dore and Family. =)

TSD Day006 – Missing Home

In The Morning Before Work
Woke up at 6:58AM today with a tinge of nostalgia… Beginning to miss home,
my family, my friends and Dore… Feeling a little sad and down. But life goes on.
Had a bun sponsored by Gary, didn’t have much of a breakfast. Don’t feel like

First time I am taking bus 96 from Zhong Shan Park to my workplace. Unfamiliar
with the route. Luckily some helpful bus passengers help me with the directions.
Alighted at a different stop from where i boarded last night and have to find my
way around the area. Luckily I still have the map that Denise sketched. else that’s it!

In Office
Arrived office at about 845AM suppose to be here at 9. but I want to attend this daily
meeting at 830 to have a better feel of what is the direction of the Giant (Parkway) and
what are the issues that they are facing and what are they doing to overcome such
issues. Shall be there tomorrow!

Installed office 2007 provided by the company since I am using my own laptop (instead
of getting one from the company) But I get to keep the preloaded software! hehe.
Started on the powerpoint presentation working with Anneke! I am so glad she is here
to help! haha. I am learning quite a bit from here. Managed to grab the department
heads to brief them about the presentation format and information needed from them.
Also assigned to do up a SOP form for some of the communication procedures between
employees belonging to different branches. Not bad for a start! =)

Lunch Onwards

Time to give credit to Joyce for the treat for my Lemon Chicken with Spagetti. Not bad. The Cafe is called
Maui Coffee. Pretty nice place to relax and chill. Too bad its only for lunch. They chatted alot about the
way of live in Shanghai and how shanghai girls think and choose partners. Hmm… not too different from
SG girls actually… haha… Maybe most city girls think the same.

After lunch is like war zone… been doing the graphs for the figures and compiling the ppt slides on the
new office 2007. Still pretty clueless about some functions. Been called into a meeting by Boss for an
audit meeting. I am so glad to be involved. Its a pretty interesting meeting to understand more about
systems, its potential loop holes and thinking of solution to circumvent the potential problems. That
meeting took about an hour or so. Glad to know that the IT audit person in the meeting is actually an
SoCian! hehe! Feels like home! They are part of the internal audit team from Parkway.

After the meeting, I rushed to get the ppt done. ME and Anneke rushed and chased the rest of the senior
management people for the content! Whew not easy! Thanks Anneke! Also had to rush the SOP form for
the procedures between different facilities and the driver. Got praised by Jane for the professional looking
form! But I guess love at first sight can be cured with a second glance. lack alot of content coz its just a first draft.
By this time, its already about 7:50pm and I am still in office. Wanted to check with our COO on the graph and the
figures. But I guess they won’t be out so soon as they are in the midst of a meeting with MR Big Shot from our Co.
Finally out from work, walking towards my 96 busstop…

After Work 

Met Haojie for dinner. so glad I met him! Able to gain some perspective on business and entrepreneurship
once again!  I am also thankful for the treat of snails and Italian food at a restaurant near our house. Thanks dude!
Finally got home, bathed and now bloggin and finishing this entry. I hope this day ends well. Shall talk to dore later and
go to bed… tired, happy but satisfied. I am determined to make a difference! I HUANG RENZHI am determined to succeed!
Have to make my one year worthwhile! This has and will always be at the back of my mine!

TSD Day005 – First day of work!

Work up at 714am today by Gary! Suppose to wake up at 7 actually!
But I guess I don’t know how to operate on the new phone that I have
gotten! haha. Then we went to 奶茶新语 again for breakfast as usual!
Ordered a 手抓并 with egg and a ham sandwich! Wow! Actually I think
breakfast would be the only thing that I would invest in! Lousy food for the
rest of the day is really ok for me! hehe! Have budgeted! shall not spend
more than 30RMB per day! hehe! I try lah!

Finally reached Tomorrow Square with a bit of perspiration and but a lot
of excitement! Only to find the truth: I went to the wrong place, they have
relocated to their new place after buying out Worldlink. I was like… nevermind!

Finally took a cab and went to 建国西路! Am glad that I found the place!
Not long after, Jonathan (My CEO) took me to sit in a meeting with a Taiwanese
Doctor (Shall not review details in case if its confidential!) really glad to be
involved, even though I am not sure what’s really going on. But I could
roughly make out what is happening after the meeting is near the end.

For lunch, I had a 日式猪趴饭便当 for RMB 12 (10 + 2 for delivery). Not bad!
I am over budget for today! Shall start the budget plan tomorrow! hehe!
Then, my new colleague, Catherine, treated me to Milk ice-cream! With
raisins inside! At about 5pm, JWS bought me for another orientation and
I was assigned the first job by JWS: to compile the power point
slides for the presentation of the different departments here to the Singapore
office! hehe! Even though its not something unusually big or fantastic, its my first
task! Shall do it good, real good! hehe. In addition to that, I am also helping Jane
now with the itinerary for a big shot’s visit tomorrow! OT on the first day! hehe!
the time is already 612pm suppose to knock off at 6pm! And I havent even started
on the assignment! Denise went home already. I am on my own once again!

Going home soon! I am soo glad Denise showed me the light that I can take bus no.
96 back home! takes about 45mins (Includes waiting time). well… better than walking

20 mins to take the train at 淮海路 station on line 1 then transfer to line 2 to my
station in Zhong Shan Park.She said she can direct me there since she is taking the
same direction… whew! Thank god!

Finally got a bowl of 猪舌粉 for dinner. Got home (no one! hehe!) watched the local cross talk 相声and
found it pretty good! hehe! You know, last time when I was secondary 3, I was one of the 2 who did a
cross talk performance for my school. Being eloquent (or at least seemingly so), I was also the emcee for
our school speech day (Every last Saturday of July) and also the MC (Master of Ceremonies) for quite a
number of events. These were the flashbacks that came to my mind… Sorry for being so emotional over
dinner and some cross talk… haha! After dinner I bathed and washed all my clothes including the towel that
I have used for the last few days! hehe.

Finally able to switch on my com once again to finish this entry. Saw Yvonne’s blog, I like this song
"Dying in the Sun" in her blog! I think its really really tranquil….
Wanted to talk to dore, but she is still watching TV now. I guess I will just use the com, call her later
for awhile and go to bed.

Just to share with the readers and myself my 感触:I shall make this one year in shanghai worth its
every while and hone my skills as an urban soldier in the commercial world of healthcare. I have taken
the side I want to be on. Now its gaining ground and increasing the pace. I cannot let myself and those
that believe in me down. I must succeed! (I will lah!). Like what Thomas Edison (A famous inventor to
most, but also a successful businessman to me) :" What people choose to call genius is simply hardwork!".

TSD Day004 – Out with Friends of NES

This morning has been especially productive! hehe!
I actually set out to iron only one set of clothes… but the enthusiasm and
the nolvety of ironing made me ironed all my 7 shirts and 3 pants! haha!
I actually took an hour to iron everything! wow!
After that, at abt 11am, I was real hungry and wanted to get some food!
Initially, I wanted to be adventurous and whack any restaurant I see when
I get down! hehe… but laziness got the better of me… Just went to 奶茶新语
again… ahah… with Gary and Alex… Had Chicken sandwich and prata!
My fav! haha…
After that I went out with Yvonne, Maomao and Hong Cheng. Suppose to meet
at Raffles City… but I cock… I exited at Ren Ming Guang Chang and went to
Tomorrow Square instead. haha… (its my workplace!)
I told them I couldnt find my way and they instead made their way to find me.
While they were looking for me, I checkout Gleneagles. cool! too bad its not
open. After we met, I showed them Gleneagles and we started our outing!
Started with the Shanghai Grand Theater Gallery. Too bad we cant take
pictures there, their oil painting is superbly real!
Then we took pictures at the Grand Theater! good stuff! hehe… After that
actually we wanted to checkout this Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition
Hall. But we didn’t go as the entrance fee is pretty out of budget for us!
(We wanted a max 20rmb outing!) So we went to the Shanghai Museum
which is about 5rmb for students! (NUS matric card works as well! hehe)
The place is still ok… Not particularly interesting for me, but worth a trip
if you drop by Shanghai.
After the visit, we rested our feet with a dinner at a steamboat place. Its
ala carte payment and we went dutch! (Have to acknowledge them for the
initiative to give me a treat). Their way of eating steamboat is pretty special,
they have a sauce which you can choose to dip your food in, pretty different
from Singapore steamboat style. But the view from my table is pretty good!
can see Tomorrow Square! I love that building, looks like Transformer! haha!
After dinner, we initially wanted to make our way to the Bund. But the rain made
us go checkout a church instead. Its Moore Memorial Church. The building there is
pretty old and classical… I like! hehe. After the rain subsided (Still dark and gloomy
skies), while walking to the Bund, I saw a few good pictures! Like the Big Coke
bottle made of neon lights. and also a cartoon character in which I used to see
on Sunday cartoons on Singapore Channel 8 mornings: 三毛.
Then the rain got really heavy… We found somewhere (lousy) for shelter and decided
a change of plans to move to 新世界 Shopping Centre for Winter wear (I have been asking them
where since dinner! so maybe they couldn’t stand it and took me there). I bought 2 outer
jackets for the price of 1! they were giving me 50% off! hehe… Then got free set of towels and
a winter blanket! hehe…
Finally after that I finally went home… tired and shag carrying so many things…
Mum called while I was on my way back. Almost couldnt find the right exit to come out
from my Zhong Shan Station. haha silly me. Then while bloggin and uploading the
pictures for THIS entry, Gary, Alex and I were brainstorming about business ideas! hehe!
Waste no time! At the same time I called home also! My prepaid value drops damn fast!
gona be broke soon….
Gona give dore a call later… Miss her, while she makes me envy with her Chu Qian Yi Ding
with prawns and egg added! man! I wish I could have some.. abit hungry now!
Looking forward to the first day of work tomorrow!