LSiN Day007: Going Junru’s House!

Hehe! Today I am going Junru’s house for Games and BBQ!!!
Finally! hehe! get to meet him! hehe! miss him lots man! haha!
Today I complained to Singnet and I got some rebate off my
next month’s bill due to their LOUSY service….
Finally gotten the Internet today! hehe! did not study any JAp
just did revision…. haha…
Junru’s house is GREAT! havent played WII!!! haha! the games
are fun!!! the best part? THE BBQ!!! haha! Junru’s cooking is
indeed good! I will surely invest in his Food and Beverage Business
if he intends to open a restaurant… hehe! yummy!
Junru's house!The BBQ fire!FOOD!!!BBQ-ing!Yummy!SATAY!Cooked food!US!Us again!Beer and men's talk! haha

LSiN Day006: Singnet sucks…

Hihi! nothing much today! Memorised another 4 pages of Japanese… then
finised 7 pages of Business case! still need to write sommore…. haha!
Also jogged… or the past 4 days… I think I will take 2 days of rest…
Hehe… eat some chocolate and the red dragon fruit today! nice! hehe!
Singnet sucks…
Lousy service, SLOW reaction…. suppose to be able to use the internet today..
but due to their INEFFICIENCY, I can only use the internet tomorrow…
all in all, SINGNET SUCKS! =p
Singnet sucks, but Chocolate makes my day!

LSiN Day005: Japanese + Business Case Again?

Today I am SUPER Productive!!! hehe! Finally finished 4 pages of my business case! hehe!
Also, for my Japanese, I actually memorised 5 pages of vocabulary!!!! wow! I am sooo
proud of myself! hehe!
Also, went for a jog for the 3rd day coninuously… hahaQ tired.. but I need to build up
my stamina to prepare for my IPPT Fitness test! hehe!

Jap and I


LSiN Day004: 没有Internet的日子

Now that I am still waiting for my internet… life is a little troublesome
to have to head down to somewhere with Internet access just to update
my blog! he! but I think it should be updated! haha!
Today I met Pujue! hehe! and we went to Marina Square together! hehe!
had lunch at the food court and went to Arcade! hehe! fun! been some
time since we last played! haha!
After that came home for a jog and here I am… blogging today and
yesterday’s entry… later I shall continue to study Jap at night! haha!
I shall work towards all my goals and achieve them! surely! =)

Lemon Chicken Rice! + Ban Mian!,Lemon Chicken Rice! + Ban Mian!Me!


LSiN Day003: Jap + IKEA

Today I studied Jap and also edited my Business Case! hehe! Started on part of
my business case analysis… things are not easy here… especially the Business
Case Analysis… I am cracking my head to write a good one…
Also, in the evening, I went to IKEA alone to get a table lamp! hehe! not bad!
After that I got home and jogged as usual! I shall get back my fitness! hehe!
Had a fruit after that! a RED dragon fruit! something you dont usually find in
Shanghai! and it is really sweet! hehe!

JAP!!!IKEA!My table lamp!Nice!The RED Dragon Fruit!


LSiN Day002: Room Cleaning! = Good Motivation!

Today I wanted to do my Business Case Analysis and study Japanese actually!
BUT!!! in the end, I ended up clearing the letters that were sent to me while I
was away… and also to clean up my room! and I threw away ALOT of things
in my room!!! hahaha!
I even went to a book shop to buy some boxes to house all the "stray" items
lying around my room!!!! hehe!
That took me one whole day!!! Now that my room is fit for studying, I shall
begin my studying tomorrow! hahaha!
After that I went for a jog!!! and did some exercise!!! finally! havent been
exercising for a long loing time!!! haha! feels sooo good! then I went to
Mcdonalds to write my blog! as my internet at home is not ready yet!!!
poor thing!!!! haha
My table! Fit for studying!With my motivation posteron top! hehe!

LSiN Day001: Helping with NOC + New Phone / Internet!

Today I started by going to school to help out NOC (NUS Overseas Colleges) with the matriculation
of freshmen students coming into NUS to let them know more about hte NOC program! haha!
Also , my own faculty Freshmen (School of Computing) are coming for the matriculation today!
Thanks Huimin for the 1GB thumb Drive ift from NOC! haha! hehe!helped out at the booth till about
530pm before heading to meet Xiao Bai at Mcdonalds in School! then we went to meet the rest of her
friends at Ang Mo Kio! haha! We had dinner at the nearby food center! haha! nice! Also asked one of
my BEST friends Pujue along! hehe! since he is going nanjing, would be good to know more Shanghai
friends! hehe!
Today I also applied for Singnet Broadband and bought a new phone! a Samsung i780!!! haha! its cool!
hehe! I shall play with it more when I have time! haha!
SUper tired today! but happy to have had so much singaporean FOOD!!! yummy!!! hahaha!
Prince Biscuit + Milo Breakfast!NUS MPSH (Muti Purpose Sports Hall)NOC Booth!Me at the Booth!1GB Thumb Drive!Chicken Rice!Singaporean Food!Pujue and I!!!!Lor Mee and Satay!!!My ADSL modem and my Samsung i780!!! Cool!

TSD Day373: Farewell…说再见。。

Last Semester in NUS (简称LSiN). 请密切留意!
Things I left behindPacking!My luggage...lunch on the plane!Studying on the plane!Finally brought all mu luggage HOME!

TSD Day372: Shaghai-ed: Last Day in Shanghai

Today marks my last day of the NOC(NUS Overseas College) program.
I am leaving for Singapore tomorrow morning. While packing my bag,
I had a strange feeling that I never felt before…
The Cycle…
I can still remember myself coming into this apartment in July 2007,
getting ready to take on anything in my way… Throughout this year,
I have been through and grew from a variety of incidents and learning
along the way to where I am now. (Not that I am very experienced,
but I guess I have became much better.)
Now that I am packing my bag, I could feel what my seniors felt while
they were packing their bags to go back to Singapore. This strange
feeling whelmed up inside me and I have to admit that I dropped a
tear or two. It’s the feeling of leaving what you have built up here
What I have learnt:
– Ask at least 3 persons on ANYTHING you are unsure
Especially useful on directions. Never trust completely what one person
says. even if the person means no harm, he/she may not know enough 
information to give you the full picture.
– Patience
You have to live with the bureaucracy here in China. because the
system is like that and the people are very used to the system…
of waiting for a long time for procedures to be done.
– Negotiate
You can negotiate just about ANYTHING in China! Simply because
of the fact that everything allows some flexiblity. even in the
interpretation of the law. That is why, we can bargain for the best
price for products. You can even talk your way round getting a
cheaper fare for taxi rides. I feel that is a good thing about China…
if you know how to leverage and not get leveraged.
"Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get." Dale Carnegie
– About Shanghainese (In general)
They tend to be very fast paced and inpatient (on the contrary
to the above point). They are also very goal oriented, which is very
much like me, getting things done is a must! hehe! And!
Shanghainese people are very pretty! (REALLY!)
Farewell Dinner (Thanks Yvon!)
Had the farewell dinner at Pin Chuan. Really great food! luckily we
had the 50% discount voucher! hehe! and it became pretty afoordable.
I would reccomend the food! great taste! good price… if you have the
voucher, that is… haha!

TSD Day371: 谢谢巴贝拉的霸王餐

今天一大早就坐了Caroline的顺风车带了一些行礼去公司(Thanks Caroline)。
谢谢Bryan帮我提15公斤的行李。也要谢谢Janet帮我弄好Dr. Seah写给我的
Reccomendation Letter!之后还和HR的同事一起拍照!也要谢谢Choo,请
我吃的Farewell Breakfast和珍贵的求职知识和经验!
"Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times."
Thanks Bryan! for the luggage!Thanks Caroline for the free rides between home and office!Thanks Janet for helping with the reccomendation letter!Thanks Lucy for the help with the business caseThanks HR team! some are not in the picture!Thanks Choo for the farewell breafast! =)Free meal at Ba Bei La!Farewell Dinner at Dynasty!Yummy!Delicious!Crab inside!Pumkin rocks!Farewell Gift 1Farewell Gift 2