SODay083: Overcome your fears!

Today, it was a lesson on rescue… haha! The most notable one would be the
swimmer to canoe rescue… you have to wait at least half a minute upside down
in the water before anyone can reach you. I was afraid…
Overcoming Fears…
Upside down, I came out, not because I am out of breadth, but beacuse I am…
scared.. that was the first time, I gave myself another try! This time I told myself,
"RZ, do it! everything is alright! it’s just underwater upside down!" I did it! and
subsequently many other rescue techniques that requires me to stay underwater.
and sometimes I get impatient waiting… haha afterall, I am waiting upside down
underwater… haha! It’s fun! I am glad I got over it! Oh yeah!
"Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live." Dorothy Thompson


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