LSiN Day20: Routine Routine!!!!

Discipline is a little thing that will go a long long way!!! Today I swam in the morning
before going to work!!! haha! I am sooo surprised I can still do 20 laps! haha! but I
think I need more air than ever! haha! then continued to teach after that! haha!
In the afternoon I went to school and had my first lesson! haha! finally! lessons are
coming! I can feel the stress! haha! I think I am going to die… haha!
Lets just hang on!!! haha! its all worth it!
"The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different."
Swimming Pool!What I wrote...

LSiN Day019: Think Mental Stress

Man! Today I had the 2nd lesson! not bad! I thinkI am copping quite
well with both the pace of teaching and the students… haha!
Today basically I handled lots of administrative things like modules,
book search, group members search….
Of course, not to forget, I also have my own Jap revision to do! I
really think it is NOT easy to prepare for the JLPT2 exam… I think
I might die along the way…. but I WANT to get it! that certification!
its not only a prove of language capabilities, but also a sign of my
determination to make things happen! that’s so RZ! hehe!
I need to realise my 6-year plan! hehe! It will work! it must work!
"Dreams are necessary to life."

Anais Nin


LSiN Day018: First Day of work + Mentoring

Today is the day I started to work as a teacher in a private school
teaching Chinese kids to prepare for the exam to enter the schools
in Singapore. hehe! not bad for a first day! I completed the papers
in time! hha! whew!
After that I met Lye Khim! my mentor! we havent met for a long
time! hehe! finally! discussed alot about what happened the year I
was in Shanghai! haha! Also shared with her my experience living
in Shanghai! haha!
She taught me more on my goal: to focus in Asia, and carve my
niche in Asia! haha! I am glad she is supportive of my thinking of
focusing in the Asia market! hehe! She also shared with me what to
look out for in the process! hehe! valuable knowledge! Especially the
part on "How far will you go" to succeed! haha!
The Attendance Sheet...Vocabulary

LSiN Day017: Nostalgia…

Today I am feeling a little nostalgic… about all that had happened ever since I
entered NUS… haha! it seems just like yesterday when I was a freshmen…
I truly enjoyed the moments in school with all my friends… Now that I am in
my finaly semester, I cant help feeling sad… looking at the freshmen now, I can
still remember myself in their shoes… For me, now its to look for a job that
can accomodate my 6-year goal! hehe!
"Counsel woven into the fabric of real life is wisdom."

Walter Benjamin

Today I did a japanese vocabulary revision… wow… 41 pages of vocabulary is
no joke… a revision itself is already so tiring! haha! after that I went to meet
Wenrong at his place for a swim! haha! the rain didnt stop us from chatting at
the pool! haha! havent talked to him for a long time.
Went home to help in the 7th month praying and did Jap studying! haha! more
vocabulary until I couldnt take it anymore, I stopped halfway at page46… haha!
more to go!!!
Swimming at Wenrong's place!JAp! Study!

LSiN Day016: Happy Birthday Singapore!

Happy Birthday SINGAPORE! hehe! finally I am able to be in
Singapore on her birthday! haha! HAppy NAtional Day!!!
"It is not how old you are, but how you are old."

Jules Renard

Room Re-organisation + Jap!
Ok! Today I did a Jap revision! 41 pages of vocabulary!!! haha! I think I am
going to study sommore!!! hehehe! but before studying again, hehe I did
room  reorganisation! haha! I threw away my computer table…  haha!
Tonight, I am going to study and jog !!! haha! have to keep myself fit and
healthy! hehe! ok the rain stopped me from going for the jog… I think I am
going for a swim tomorrow! haha!
Tonight there is a 七月歌台 performance under my block… haha! super
noisy but this is something u can see only once every year during the seventh
month of the lunar calendar… haha! another Singaporean flavor happening!

Re-ArrangingDinner!Yummy!7th Lunar Month Ge Tai


LSiN Day015: JLPT Registration + RAG DAY!

TOday is the last time I can help out in the Cheering for Rag day… as an SoC
student. A little bit emotional inside. thinking back about the days when I was a
freshemen, when I was helping out in Year 2… haha! lotsa memories flooded my
In the morning, we had breakfast at MCDONALDS!!! haha! HAd Hotcakes with Sausage!
The hotcakes here are much better than that of Shanghai! I miss them a lot! But I still
think the KFC in Shanghai is the BEST! hehe!
Had a lot of fun and sun (BURN) for the day! where we cheered on and on for SoC
especially when it is SoC’s turn to perform! hehe!
After that I finally registered for the JLPT2 exam in Singapore!!!! ahah! there’s no
turning back now!!! ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BREAKFAST!Hotcakes with Sausage!RAG Day!SoC (School of Computing)THE MOON! with our SoC Float!Registering for JLPT at JCSMy JLPT voucher

LSiN Day014: Stayover for RAG day!

Tomorrow would be NUS Rag day! hehe! our OG skipped the games to help out
in the Float building! a little bit lah! haha! not alot. We had lunch at Engine
Canteen and had my favourite INDONESIAN Cruisine! hehe! Its that grilled
chicken drumstick!
"Think wrongly, if you please, but in all cases think for yourself."
Had a few talks including the NOC talk!!! which I also shared my experience in
Shanghai! haha! Nice to share! Hope I did not show off like the other guys did!
At night, we had a sumptous dinner and we also stayed over to help out in the
float. also abit lah! haha! tired! slept at the basement just outside the
Programming Labs… haha!
Studying Jap!Lunch! Indonesian Food!Helping out with Float!Dinner!Dinner with my OG!Fabrics of SoC

LSiN Day013: Designing and OG Dinner!

WOah! Today is Fantastic! I think my OG is GREAT! hehe! in many
aspects, from cheering to designing! haha! we lead the entire SoC
in our cheers and we also designed part of the flag for fabrics of SoC!
haha! nice!
"Only the mediocre are always at their best." 
In the evening, we had dinner at Carl’s Junior in HArbour Front! It
has been some time since I have gone there! haha! nice! =)
We discussed lotsa stuff during the after dinner talk! hehe! its nice
to share and learn from each other! haha!

Group Lunch!Designing our OG flag!Part of Fabrics of SoC!THE MOON!Dinner at Carl's Junior!haha!


LSiN Day012: Flag Day

Today is NUS flag day, the day where thousands of NUS students
throng the streets of Singapore asking for donations… of course,
our OG is doing the same! hehe! We went to Jurong east for flag
After that we also watched the Mummy 3! haha! At night, I met up
with Bryan for dinner! haha! thanks for his advice on employment!
Flag Day!Us at Jurong East!Dinner For Bryan @ Sizzler!Main Courses!Yummy!Spicy Chicken!Fruits!My ICE CREAM!!!!

LSiN Day011: FIC (Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony)

Today I accompanied my Freshmen to the FIC! hehe!
it was fun to spend time with the OG (Orientation Group!)
But I think I am not having enough time to study Jap nor
go for my jogs!!!! NEed to have better time management!
Also met Janice on the MRT today! hehe! Such a coincidence!
hehe! She was on her way to meet her boyfriend!
Met BRYAN today to collect my luggage! Thanks for bringing
it from Shanghai to Singapore! Thanks soooo much! hehe!

Going for FIC!School HIHG level administratorsHostsBalloons!Food!US!FIC!WE WERE THERE! Thanks Bryan! for taking my Luggage all the way from Shanghai to Singapore!